Passionate love, kinky wild child, super affectionate cuddle buddy... I am Elena.


Age                    27,


Nationality Russian,


Blonde, love different hairstyles.


Pure feminine energy with natural C breast and sexy buttocks.



a.s. (01.09.2019)
Hello Elena! Is it possible to meet you for a light domination session?
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Friend (26.05.2019)
Hello, Ellena. You are more than classy. Thank you
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soltan (25.03.2019)
Hello good night alena. I want you for an hour or two hours. Do you like the price?
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Classy Elena
I sent a direct email, how you can contact me
francesco (03.11.2018)
In addition to a meeting with you I sent you a proposal for a long term (1 year)
I will give you € 500 a day (€ 15,000 a month)
you can send me a picture of your face.
If there are any clauses below that you do not like or do not like, please tell me and I\'ll see what to do.
If you have any questions to ask, I will be happy to answer you.
About me
• Age 36 years
• Brown hair
• White skin
• Hobbies:
 Reading
 Music
 Travel
• Sex in different positions.
• 69
• Cunilingus
• A-level. (Anal sex)
• Complete blowjob
• Shower and / or bathroom together
• Sex toys
I will pay all expenses (even if not mentioned here) that the girl will make during her stay with me.
• Food.
• Accommodation.
• Travel expenses.
• Taxi.
• Clothes
• Shoes
• stockings
• And all other expenses that the girl will make exceptionally
expenses incurred at the casino or gaming expenses
• 1 years
• 2 months in advance (this is my proposal but if you do not agree I am willing to change them)
• Example:
1. In January I will pay January and February
2. in March I will pay March and April
3. in May I will pay May and June
4. in July will pay July and August
5. in September I will pay September and October
6. in November I will pay November and December
• about six months in Europe
• about six months in Costa Rica
• passport with:
1. visa for europe
2. visa for Costa Rica
I will pay the cost of visas
Program for the first months.
For the first two weeks we will go shopping
Clothes, shoes, underwear, etc.
I wish you were the most well-dressed woman among those I attend.
Obviously you would choose.
At the same time we will look for furniture for the house., In my house is already fully furnished (I bought it furnished) but I do not find myself there, the furniture is a bit dated and I would like to change them. With your collaboration if you agree.
After I would like to take a cruise around the world (Europe, South America, Australia Asia) (about 120 days)
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wesr (01.11.2018)
nice photos exciting
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slz (09.09.2018)
Hello miss elena. I watched your advertisement from internet and i am attracted by your charmimg style deeply. I an traveling to Moscow for several days one person now and feel lonely at night. may yougive me warmth tonight? looking froward to receive your sincere reply ^_^
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